SWG keeps reading low salt

  • Last Post 07 July 2022
JasonB76 posted this 05 April 2022

I have a Hayward SWG with a T-15 cell and it keeps reading low salt and the readings are dropping daily. I first noticed this a few months ago when the readings dropped from 3000 to 2700. Then overthe course of a week it went from 2700 to 900, I cleaned the cell first and nothing changed. I also added salt(2 40lb bags) and recalibrated my swg and it went to 1400 but the next morning it was down to 700. I then replaced the board and the cell and still getting low readings.I have since added more salt(3 40lb bags) and the readings havent changed. I did a test with my test kit and my salt reading is now at 4800 but it currently reads 2000 as of this morning and yesterday morning it read 2500. I'm lost on where to go from here on what else could be causing this problem. 

For info purposes I have a small pool only 7800 gallons. 

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InyoRich posted this 06 April 2022

Hi Jason, I'm sorry to hear about that.  Often a lower reading than the actual salt content signifies that the salt cell may be nearing its end of life, but you also say you have replaced the cell and the board.  Sometimes the off-brand salt cells can have issues interfacing with a board. Is it a name-brand salt cell, and what version of software is on the circuit board?


BeckyA posted this 31 May 2022

I am experincing the same problem. My cell is a T-9 that is 2 years old. Upon opening the pool this season, I intially added 2 40lb bags of salt. I have now added a total of 6 bags, which I have never had to do when opening. All started out just fine but as days went by the reading kept dropping. My pool is 19500 gallons so the perfect range I like to keep it is between 2800-3200. It has gradually fallen and is now reading 1800. In the past I have noticed that when the reading fell below 2700 the "generating" lite would not be on but IT IS ON at the very low reading of 1800. The only flashing lites are "check salt" and "inspect cell".  The cell has been cleaned. The pool as only been open for 30 days now. The cell is a "blueworks" brand. I have taken a water sample to the pool store and my readings were: free chloine 1.85, total chlorine 2.09, salt 3041, ph 7.6, alkalinity 117, stabilizer 171 (this seems high) and phosphates 3520. Could my chemicals been throwing off the salt reading? I do not want to replace something that does not need to be replaced so I'm at a loss as to where to start first. The version of software is 1.58

LurlineWiza posted this 07 July 2022

A reading less than the actual salt content usually indicates that the salt cell is nearing the end of its life, but you also indicate that the cell and board have been replaced.