Sunlite 05602 Halogen 120 conversion to LED

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jschronce posted this 27 April 2017

Current LightCurrent Light InfoDeep EndNiche OpenNiche InfoNiche Overview OpenI currently have (2) Sta-Rite Niches, Model #05166-XXXX which has Sta-Rite 120v 250w halogen lamps.  I have attached photos of the niches taken underwater, photos of the opened housing, light issues, etc.  I replaced the bulbs to no avail.  I note the Sunlite 5602-XXX states "Fresh Water Only" and we converted to salt a couple years ago, thus I am not sure if that is what contributed to the failure.  

At any rate, I would like to pull the light fixtures and retro install LED lights into the current niches and I will be converting from 120v to 12v with transfomer.  

All of our equipment is new this year . . . Pentair Whisper VS motor, Pentair Heat Pump, Pentair salt generator system, etc if that helps.  I do have a 1200w transformer, that has multiple lines out for landscape lighting etc, with LED landscape lighting pulling about 150w or so off the transformer. 

What would be my best bet to replace the current lights, while retaining the niche, which is in good condition?  Colors and all that jazz is fine, however I am most concerned with white light output (LED) on low voltage, so color does not have to be an option. 


Thank you!


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Service posted this 28 April 2017

Hi jschronce,

Because the Sunlite is a smaller light and all of the new led lights are larger you would need to replace the Sunlite with a Sunlite, there is not a LED fixture that will fit into the Sunlite niche and there is not an LED bulb that will fit into the Sunlite housing. With this being said you would require this Sunlite 120V Light Fixture. I'm sorry we don't have better news.

One other thing you may want to check... I would check your GFI to see if it is tripped, sometimes the GFI trips and you just need to press the button back in and voila the lights are working again, normally there will be a GFI back at the box near the pool equipment.

Thank You


Thank You


InyoRob posted this 08 May 2017

We recently contacted Pentair about another customer with a Sunlite. According to Pentair, you can use the Pentair Intellibrite Spa Light

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