Sound level of Hayward Tri Star

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Lesjhollis posted this 22 April 2022

I have an Hayward Northstar that I need to replace. One issue with it is that it has ALWAYS been loud.  I am looking at the Hayward Tri Star per chat recommendations. It appears to be a direct drop in replacement with little to no plumbing required.  However, I am concerned of the noise level

Any comments or experience out there 



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InyoRich posted this 22 April 2022

Generally, the pumps with thicker housings are quieter and, depending upon what noise you hear, the motors can be the source of it.

I could always hear my pool pump indoors when it came on; it is located outside of my kitchen window and there was a constant humming sound when it was running.  I switched to a variable-speed motor last year and now I can't hear it at all indoors. 

To be fair: the variable-speed motor seems to make as much noise as the old single-speed motor when I stand next to it, but it is not the deep humming sound of the old motor.  The sound (to my ears) does not "travel" as far as the old motor's noise did.  


linda123 posted this 24 June 2022

I have to admit one thing that Pumps with thicker housings are often quieter, and the motors may be the cause of any noise you notice. subway surfers



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