Skimmer suction problem

  • Last Post 12 April 2023
matth2812 posted this 11 April 2023

Can anyone help me with my valve settings? I think my kids messed with them.

In the picture attached, if I set my 2 skimmers and main drain valves as shown, I get very strong suction to my vacuum but nothing to my skimmers. The skimmer/main drain valves will only turn from 10 o clock to 2 o lock. If I set the skimmers/main drain to 10 o clock, I get very weak suction in my skimmers (slightly more than nothing) but nothing at all in my vacuum. 

I am running the pool pump on high, I recently cleaned the filters, skimmer and pump buckets, and my pressure is perfect and pump running fine. Are my valves set wrong in the picture, or are there any valve combinations I can try? Many thanks in advance! Here's the pic:

InyoRich posted this 12 April 2023

Hi Matt, your valves look like they are set wrong.  Attached to the handle is this part; the middle arrow on the valve handle points to that part, which shuts the flow off from whatever pipe it is set to.  Also, these valves can be set to only turn 90,180, and 270 degrees.  If they don't seem to move where you want them to, loosen the screw that holds the handle on and lift up a bit to turn them to where they are open.  It is better to adjust these when your pump is off so you don't cause abnormally high pressure by restricting flow.  

Your valves are nicely labeled, but our guide on What Does My Valve Control? might have a few good pointers in it to help you out some more.