Retrofit to Variable Speed

  • Last Post 15 April 2019
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Skorfab posted this 13 April 2019

So I have a ~12k gallon inground pool and have been contemplating switching over to a variable speed pump for the energy savings. I currently have two Hayward SP2805X7 pumps (one for the non-heated spa and one for the main filtration pump). I already replaced one motor (filter motor died, put the spa pump motor on my filter pump while I waited for my new motor to come in) so the new motor is on my spa and rarely gets turned on. Is there a variable speed motor that is compatible with that pump I can order and if so what are my options? I’m assuming I can use any motor with a 56J flange from Hayward but don’t want to assume and be on the hook for the price of the motor. 

InyoRob posted this 15 April 2019

We'd recommend model ECM16CU. The ECM16CU is a 56J frame variable speed motor. It will mount up to your existing Hayward Max-Flo pump. 

We'd also recommend replacing the seals when you replace the motor. The seal kit is part number GOKIT1. Use GOKIT1SALT if you have salt water.