Replacement pool parts

  • Last Post 28 September 2020
RandyW posted this 28 September 2020

Hello - 

We have recently aquired an above ground pool from a friend and will be in need of some replacement parts.  There is no paperwork with the pool and the pevious owners think its approx.15yrs old.

Through process of elimination, we think that its a Morada 30' x 54" Wall Resin Top Rail, Steel Upright.  We have already located the replacement Inner Stabilizer parts and intend to upgrate to the resin kit #38509-30-RESKIT.

Our primary question:  for the 2 uprights, the few steel plates and replacement screws that we will also need, they say OUT OF STOCK FOR THE SEASON and/or NO LONGER AVAILABLE  - will they actually come back in stock and be available to replace or are we SOL with the pool that we have been given?

Thanks, RandyW


InyoRob posted this 28 September 2020

The Morada parts will be available again. We expect to have them available in March of 2021.