replacement bulb

  • Last Post 23 November 2021
HenryB posted this 19 November 2021

 Wish to replace older, white flood bulb with white/soft white; or light blue LED (not color changing), but am unsure what to ask as well as what to consider to be certain I will make an informed decision. Can yo help? Thanks very much. The back of the lighting fixure reads: Ameican Products Co. Model R-100BC, 12 volt,Max Lamp Wattage-100, Type R-30. Wet Niche Type. Fresh Water Only Use With Model CN-5 fixture Housing.

Sparacino101 posted this 23 November 2021

You should use LED lights for your general lighting. They are available in either "soft white" or "daylight" coloring. Soft white has more yellow in it and matches the traditional light bulb well. The sun is more yellow in the morning and evening so it will match well at these times. Daylight bulbs have a stark blue light that matches the sun in the middle of the day. I would recommend soft white unless you need some task light for daytime activities. Some brands also have enhanced color accuracy "CRI Index" versions for a bit more money. It is up to you if this is worth it. I would only get it for a specific area where you want the best light. However if you need the absolute best light for reading or artwork, you will want a halogen bulb. These use much more power than LEDs but less than traditional bulbs.