PureLine Prime Variable Speed Pool Pump Stopped Working

  • Last Post 29 May 2018
roastedbuffalo posted this 29 May 2018

I have a PureLine Prime 2.7 HP Variable Speed Pool Pump (PL2606). Installed about one month. It has been working great, but all of a sudden, it is no longer pumping. The pump seems to come on normally, but it never primes. Oddly it only pulls about 100 Watts while it is trying to prime. When I fill the well with water, it will pump it out but not quickly. When I remove the pipe for the outgoing water, I can see that water is moving around in the pump, but it doesn't pump it out.  If I cover the "out" with my hand I can feel a little air being pumped out, but not much.

Any suggestions?

InyoRob posted this 29 May 2018

Hello Roastedbuffalo - There could many reasons why the pump is not working properly. The most common causes would be a suction side air leak. Check out our article titled "Why Are My Pool Jets Not Working". It covers many reasons why the system would be working correctly.