Pool Pump will not turn on

  • Last Post 27 July 2020
jimmydsmith7 posted this 18 July 2020

Hi, I have a pool pump that will not turn on. Its a AO Smith 1 1/2HP which I had checked out by an electrial supply company and they said it was ok, had no problems. Also, just purchased a new pump from you as well. Neither will turn on. Have checked power and am getting 123volts on both legs of the power when timer switch is on. Each leg has 5 volts when timer is switched off.

Initially found the breaker had been tripped and pump not running. Reset breaker and pump ran for about 10 minutes and tripped again. I replaced the timer as I had an extra on hand thinking that maybe the timer was the problem. Pump will not come on, but the breaker does not trip. Have checked power to the timer and have 123volts to the timer, 5 volts each leg when off, and when switched on, I have 123volts on each leg of the power to the pump motor, but will not start. Hooked up the new motor and same thing, will not start, no breaker trip.

Only other things in the loop are a secondary timer for the polaris and the freeze guard thermostat. Polaris timer has 123volts of power going to it and is delivering 123volts to each leg when switched on. I have checked the thermostat, it has 123volts going to it and also checked the relay, it has 123volts going to it and sending 123volts to the polaris timer as well when the main timer is switched on.


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poordude posted this 23 July 2020

Check at the motor with your meter on both terminals. Should be reading about 220 volt. If you are then you may have a bad capacitor. If not then keep moving back with the meter till you find the problem.

henrymorley posted this 27 July 2020

Your meter on both terminals must be at 220 volt.