Pool Pump Size?

  • Last Post 04 August 2016
Angie2016 posted this 04 August 2016

I recently bought a house with a pool. It's been a huge learning experience. The pool is 7,600 with a Hayward s200 sand filter and a hayward 1.5 hp pool pump. The GPM is 17 and foot of head is approximately 25'. From my research it seems that the 1.5 hp pump is too much for this pool and could cause problems as well as run up a higher electric bill. My question is...is the 1.5 hp pump too much for this pool? What size pump would be more effecient?



InyoRob posted this 04 August 2016

Hello Angie2016 - A 1.5HP single speed pump is a little excessive unless you needed the additional flow for an attached spa or water features (waterfalls, deck jets, etc.). We would recommend a variable speed pump if you are looking for the most energy efficient option. Something like the PureLine model PL2605 would be a good option.

This is a 1.65Hp variable speed pump. You would obviously not need the full speed of this pump. The benefit of the variable speed is that you can lower the revoltions per minute (RPM's) and that's where you see the savings. The lower the RPM's the lower the energy consumption. Also, the decrease in flow will allow the filter to do a better job cleaning the water.

Hopefully this helps. Thank you for shopping with INYOpools.com!