First, I would like to introduce myself I am Ronald Gerhard a Barn Products Co, we are contractors of insulated concrete forms for the construction of homes and swimming pools.

At the present time we are building a home that has a pool on the inside of the home that is 12 ft. by 30 feet by 5 ft deep. there is a sub-basement located adjacent to the center of the pool.

We are looking to hire someone to design the plumbing for this pool. Our company has a plumber but his expertise is not in pools, we know that we want a variable speed pool pump and Electric heat pump to heat the water.

Barn products swimming pools are well-insulated with 3 in of insulation in the walls end 4 in of insulation under the pool we have little or no loss of heat into the Earth.

 I would appreciate it if you could recommend someone to do a plumbing layout and of course, we would be interested in purchasing the products most likely from your company. 



Ronald H Gerhard