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  • Last Post 08 February 2023
EricDeegan posted this 07 February 2023

Hey all- here's my dilemma. My recomended replacement motor on the website is the B847- .75HP with a 1.65SF for THP 1.23.... but my current motor I'm replacing is THP 1.38 (.75x1.85). both are full rate motors.

Inyo chat also recommended the B854- 1.5HP with a 1.1SF for total 1.65THP.

Concerned about losing HP with the B847...if I go with the B854 do I need to change impeller? Is losing .15 HP a big deal?


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InyoRich posted this 07 February 2023

Hi Eric, .15HP is not a big deal, depending upon the pump and the impeller.  I like to look at two things when replacing a motor:  what was on there from the factory and energy efficiency since these little buggers can use a good chunk of your household utility bill. 

We often see motors replaced with something that is higher HP than what came on it from the factory.  Nothing against your local pool store, but they probably do not stock the variety of motors that we do.  Is your current motor the original factory one?

The B847 will use (approximately) 1518 watts and the B854 will use 1840 watts which is 322 more watts.  That is 2.5 more kilowatt hours of power per day - times 182 days per year (assuming you close your pool for the winter) that comes out to 456 more kWh of power per year and, at .2 per kWh, that is an additional $91 a year on your power bill. 

Let us know what model pump you have (attach pictures of it and any labels on it) and we will be happy to take a second look.  


EricDeegan posted this 08 February 2023

Thank you Rich. Didnt think about the electrical cost! Especially since I live in TX and dont close the pool.

If the .15 less HP wont give me a drop in performance maybe thats the better way to go?

Couldnt get the image to upload....but pump is a Hayward Tristar. Model- SP3207EE

Looks to be original factory motor.

Part 7-196335-24

Amps 11.6/7.0-5.8

Volts 115/208-230


Thanks again for the help.

InyoRich posted this 08 February 2023

Hi Eric and thank you for the follow-up!  Since your original motor has been discontinued, I would definitely go with the Century .75 HP Full Rate Motor B847.  The slight drop in horsepower won't make a bit of difference, and, if you are using 230 volts, it may use a little less power to operate than your old motor.  Be sure to get a Tune-Up Kit for your TriStar pump so you can replace all of the seals you will encounter when you replace the motor, and check out our guides on How to Replace a Pool Motor Shaft Seal and How to Replace the Motor on Your Pool Pump for some helpful tips. 

EricDeegan posted this 08 February 2023

Thank you so much!