Pool losing Prime after all the Trouble shooting.

  • Last Post 29 May 2023
Nateb24 posted this 27 May 2023


I was wanting to know if anyone else has had this problem.

So far, the first time we opened our pool it worked fine, we back washed it, and the problems started.

Right now the Pump is losing prime from it pulling too much water from the skimmer to fast.

There is no air in the lines, no air leaks around the Sand filter or pump itself, Just replaced the Multi valve in top of the sand filter, and replaced the lateral unit inside the sand filter. I primed the pump, and filled all the lines with water, but when I cut the pump on and leave it on, it pulls all the water out of the skimmer and air then enters the lines and de primes the pump.

I have not taken the pump apart and inspected the Propeller yet, but it didn't seem like it was clogged when i felt inside it.

And it has a brand new heater installed, and there is no air or water leaks there. And there is new sand in the sand filter. The pump is close to 12 years old, but it is running just as well as it always has, there is no loud noises coming from it, and no change in how it operates.


I am running out of trouble shooting, Plese help.

InyoRich posted this 29 May 2023

Hi Nate, if your pump is losing prime from pulling in too much water from the skimmer then the water level in your pool may be too low. 

I would recommend either raising the level of water in the pool to at least cover 2/3 of the skimmer opening or, if you have a main drain, moving your diverter valve so it can pull water from another source such as the main drain as well as the skimmer.  

Be sure your skimmer has the basket installed and be sure your skimmer's weir door is operating properly to help prevent the vortex of air that can be generated by the pump's suction.