Pool liner leveling & wrinkling problems

  • Last Post 31 May 2020
Duke55 posted this 31 May 2020

Hi. Feeling very frustrated right now. Our pool was 2" off level so we removed half of the liner to work on it & raised the higher side with 2" high brick pavers under the uprights thinking it would make it level.(did we raise it too much?) We poured post hole cement under the spaces around the bottom rail to give it support. When we tried to put the liner back there is now about 8"s of space between the bottom of the liner & the wall (slightly less if we use the vac.) (why would that happen & is it safe to leave it like that?)There are also now long stubborn foldover wrinkles in the bottom that we have been fighting with that we didn't have before. We have been working at it off & on for 5 days now. Yesterday we discovered a racoon had gone in the pool & ripped a large area on the bottom & a bit up the side even though there was a few inches of water in it. I repaired that area with glue & patches. We're about ready to give up. Do you have any suggestions for us? 

Duke55 posted this 31 May 2020

P.S. When I said we raised the higher side, I meant the side of the pool where the water was higher. Thanks.