Pool Liner install fail - dimensions?

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JamesMonk posted this 02 July 2022

Liner finally failed on my 15 year old Atlantic 24 x 52" round pool.  I bought a Ocean Blue 24x52 beaded Crystal Wave liner for it.  I had re-levelled the pool with a laser, sanded it up to the right level, used foam cove.  Pool is round all dimensions within an inch.  When I added water the liner sides pulled out of the bead as it filled the coving level.  Long story short, after repeated attempts I'm wondering if I haven't received the incorrect liner somehow.  It acts like there is not enough material across the bottom causing the sides to pull in during fill, and there is not enough stretch in the material to avoid getting too much tension against the bead.  Temp was 87 here yesterday so it's not a cold liner issue. 

My liner measurements from the top of the bead to the bottom seam are 48".  Is that correct for a 52" beaded liner?  The manufacturer has not been forthcoming giving me dimensions so I can cross-check.

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JamesMonk posted this 02 July 2022

Adding image...makes a great wading pool right now..

InyoRich posted this 05 July 2022

That doesn't sound right to me.  Were there dimensions on the box?  

JamesMonk posted this 05 July 2022

No dimensions.  The product description looks accurate...that's why I'm questioning whether the correct liner was in the box.

JamesMonk posted this 08 July 2022

Any more advice or suggestions on this? 

InyoRich posted this 08 July 2022

The box says it contains a 24' round liner that is 52" deep which should be perfect for your pool.  A liner can be a little under the stated dimensions so it can stretch to fit, but 48' to 52" is not correct.  Contact the place that you purchased it from and let them know (If you can, send them a picture of the dimension from the seam to the bead).  They should take care of the error.  

JamesMonk posted this 08 July 2022

I purchased the liner from Inyo, and I have already filed a service ticket #674844 but they referred me to Ocean Blue who did not give me the dimensions. 

InyoRich posted this 08 July 2022

I'm sorry about that - I think our customer service rep misunderstood the issue.  We will take care of this for you!

JamesMonk posted this 08 July 2022

OK, thank you.  You should have my e-mail address as part of that ticket.  I will look forward to hearing from you!



JamesMonk posted this 26 July 2022

I wanted to follow up on this post as Rich from InyoPools did a great job of customer service follow-up, including sending me a replacement liner and offering excellent advice to help me get the job done successfully.

The liner base dimensions were off a bit which contributed to extra tension that pulled the wall down as the water reached a level above the cove. 

One of the best suggestions was to get rid of the bead receiver, that plastic channel that hooks over the pool rim.  It looks like an  easy way to install your liner but in my case it did not grip the liner firmly enough to resist the downward tension experienced as the pool fills.  Rich advised me to take it off altogether and mount the liner cuff (J-hook) directly over the rim of the pool.  Once the galvanized stabilizers are pressed over the cuff the liner is positively locked and will take an enormous amount of pull tension.  I was worried the walls would buckle so I put the  top plates on before I began filling.  The whole contraption held and at this point is almost full to the skimmer opening. 

I included a pic of the wrong way, the right way and the completed project as I began to fill.

Don't do what I did above...

Once you gently tap the galvanized reinforcement track over it, wild horses would not budge the liner.

Relax and have a beverage while it fills and hope your local municipality doesn't go on water restrictions...

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InyoRich posted this 26 July 2022

Hi James, and thank you for the kind words and the update!  It was our pleasure to help you on this - and I learned a few things as well - like where the seam is on a liner for a 52" wall pool (it is at 48" from the bead), and we are happy to see that everything ended well.  The pool looks great!  We hope you get many, many seasons of enjoyment from your new liner.