Pool filter

  • Last Post 16 May 2022
Lisaleonard posted this 15 May 2022

Hello, we opened our inground  pool yesterday.  We have a DE filter. I added DE and the pressure started around 24/25.  We ran it overnight as the water is def green.  The pressure this morning was about 38 and I did not feel pressure coming out of the jets in the pool. I have never seen the pressure jump up so quickly.  

We replaced the filter last year.  It was new in May 2021.  We asked our pool guy if we have to open it up and clean the grids and he said that is not necessary.  

I was thinking of backwashing to see if it fixes the problem.  Is that what you would recommend?  If so, do I need to add DE again after backwashing?  

On a side note, we normally have someone open for us, but we are doing it ourselves this year. Appreciate any help. Thank you.

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Lisaleonard posted this 15 May 2022

UPDATE:  After reading some of the other questions on this forum, I put the valve on "recirculate" which I believe bypasses the filter.  The pressure is now strong at the jets, telling me there is not a plumbing problem.  

Should I try backwashing to see if this fixes the problem?  It's just strange because I do not recall backwashing so soon after opening the pool.  Thanks! 

Lisaleonard posted this 16 May 2022

2nd UPDATE:  I backwashed last night and added DE.  Pressure went from about 38 to 19 and the pressure was strong at the jets.  Ran the pump overnight and had the same issue this morning.  Pressure was back up at about 36.  Aside from daily backwashing and wasting tons of DE.. not to mention the amount of water that backwashing takes out of the pool, any other suggestions? Thank you!