A guy I recently met is divesting himself of a pool service business and I was able to pickup a Pentair iChlor 30 (SCG only) for a really good price. So I am trying to upgrade smartly for future expansion. By expansion I mainly mean when my current pump goes I will replace with an Intelliflo. My pool is super simple (no spa, no heater)

There are two suction lines (floor & skimmer) coming into a 3-way valve. 

A three way valve off the pump return that goes to pressure cleaner fitting on one side and to a return 3-way valve on the other. 

The return 3-way valve splits up a waterfall feature and the three return fittings. 

There is also a single 120v incandescent pool light. 

Currently there is only a mechanical pool timer controlling the pump. 

What I want is a control center capable of running the iChlor 30 (SCG transformer included)

- control valve actuators.
- control pool light. On/off for now but color control if I go to intellibrite in future.                                                           - Allow addition of laminar features.                                                                                                    
- Remote or smart device controls

So I need to know what components I need to make this happen. Any assistance from the Subject Matter Experts would be greatly appreciated. I tried to include as much detail as possible, but if I left something pertinent out, please let me know.