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Robcg1 posted this 31 May 2016

What are the replacement bearings for a pentair LA01N motor.  I also need the replacment Capcitor too!  Thanks.

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Service posted this 31 May 2016

Hi Robcg1,

For your LA01N you would need two 6203 Bearings and a 628318-307 Capacitor I hope that helps.

Thank You

Thank You


Johnny2017 posted this 02 February 2017

I have a pool pump motor Century Centuron 177451-03 that is running slow.  Capacitor I removed from top of motor is Magnetek 175863-50.  Do you have a replacement and what is the model #?  Thank you!

InyoRob posted this 02 February 2017

Hello Johnny2017 - We do carry the 175863-50 run capacitor. Our part number is 5270-06. Thank you for shopping with Inyo!

James21 posted this 19 March 2021

My pump began making a loud noise. I suspect the bearings. I replaced the pump and all is well. I decided to replace the bearings in the old pump which is 6 years old. I purchased 6203-2RS/C3 bearings. On removing the old bearings the code was 6203 HL. What is the difference in the bearings and can I use the new bearings. Also the old bearings both seem to be ok.So what else could the noise be?.It is not to do with the impeller or diffuser since these are on the new pump. There was nothing in the pump which would cause the noise. Finally there are no split rings holding the bearings in place this normal. The pump is a century two speed 2 hp cat number B2984

Vermontah posted this 10 June 2021

I have an older in ground octagon shaped pool and need some coping connections

Paul68 posted this 22 May 2022

I had to replace my pump and the new one, Blue Wave Xtreme Flow, Mod# NE4516, has different size connections (2.75" o.d.) than original pump (3" o.d.). Now my existing pump to filter hose will not fit. Pump is Hayward, Mod#S180T. Any idea where to find unions or hose to fit? Thank you