Odd problem with cartridge filter and pressure

  • Last Post 29 May 2018
Drubin posted this 28 May 2018

late last year, I replaced my DE filter with a cartridge filter (Waterway PCCF-200). The problem I am having is the filter pressure rises very quickly without any obvious reason. I’ll clean the cartridge and the pressure is 10-15. In less than an hour, it’s up to 25-30, eventually leveling off around 32. I take out the cartridge, clean it again, and the same thing happens. The cart is never very dirty at all. Once the pressure goes up as much as it does, the pool is not filtering efficiently and I don’t have enough pressure to drive my pressure-side Polaris (not currently installed). Ever seen this behavior? Any ideas?

Poll is under 10k gallons with a salt water system. Pool chemistry is good.




InyoRob posted this 29 May 2018

Hello Dan - Thank you for contacting Inyo. How is the water clarity? Can you see the bottom of the pool?