Nautilus NS-60 Stainless DE filter Gasket

  • Last Post 22 April 2022
Videobot posted this 15 April 2022

I would like to confirm that this is the correct gasket o-ring for the Nautilus NS-60 DE Filter. I think I've been trying to get a wrong sized one to work for years......

O-ring, Filter Tank 18-5/16" ID, 9/16" - P24225 O-86 4672-07
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And the label on the bag also has "APC02374" "P24225 Purex O-Ring"

Thanks to the chat folks who helped me figure this out.This stainless steel filter is from the 1980's. 

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Videobot posted this 15 April 2022

Well that was close. But no cigar. Don't order this for the NS-60. The circumference of the gasket is exactly correct 18 5/16. But the diameter (thickness) of the ring/gasket is slightly too large and will not allow my ring clamp to close properly. If I can find this exact one only instead of 9/16, maybe 7/16 or 3/8 or so that may work. 

Videobot posted this 22 April 2022

The pentair part 152127 works fine. 

InyoRich posted this 22 April 2022

Thank you for the update, and we are glad to hear that the 152127 o-ring works in your Pac Fab Nautilus Stainless D.E. filter!