Loosing Prime after a couple hours of run time

  • Last Post 07 May 2019
Mplumstead posted this 06 May 2019

hello Inyo, I have a huge problem that is about to make my last brown hair grey. I am a mechanic and I work on different kinds of pumps , but I still have a mechanical mind. For the life of me this issue has me thrown for a loop. I understand how the pump works and have taken apart everything in it and replaced all the gaskets , lubed every connection. I have tried the water hose trick. The smoke trick. And nothing affects the end result. Pump still looses prime. To get running I simply put valve in backwash for about 15 seconds and it last for about 2-3 hrs and starts taking in air somewhere. I have a 15,000 gallon, pool . A t9 hayward salt cell and a spx 2600  series pump with a 2 hp motor. On suction side i have a jandy valve going to 2 two inch lines. Bottom and the skimmer. I just replaced new motor wich i purchased from inyo and a complete o ring kit with new motor seal. My system is pretty simple but i am loosing my mind chasing this. Any way you guys can give me some sort of advise of what to do next? I cant really afford too much more. Any help is appreciated! Thank you

InyoRob posted this 07 May 2019

There could be several reasons why a pool pump would lose prime. Listed below are some of the most common reasons.

1) The water level is low. Make sure the water level is halfway up the skimmer door opening.

2) Suction side air leak. This could come from the pump lid, inlet fitting, diverter valve, and anything else on the suction side of the system (before pump).

3) The pump is not receiving enough water. Make sure the skimmer and main drain lines are completely open.

4) Baskets are full. Make sure the skimmer basket and pump basket are empty. Also, make sure the weir door is swinging freely. Sometimes they get stuck and prevent water from flowing properly.

5) Impeller is clogged or broken.

6) Clogged suction line.

7) Pump Drain Plug. Sometimes these plugs become loose or the o-ring fails and allows the pump to lose prime.

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