• Last Post 08 November 2019
woody1234 posted this 08 November 2019

i have been using this type of algaecide for past 6 months  copper triethanolamine complex 23.21% *, INERT INGREDIENTS 76.79%, total 100%. Metallic copper equivalent 7.00% contains 0.75 lbs of elementall copper per gallon.  my ladder has a copper film.  should i not use this algaecide anymore?  will i have to manuraly clean the pool ladder 

InyoRob posted this 08 November 2019

Ideally, you wouldn't be using a copper algaecide continuously. A properly balanced pool should prevent algae. Could you post the current chemical levels of your pool water? This would include free chlorine, available chlorine, pH, stabilizer (CYA), alkalinity, and calcium.

I would clean the ladder off manually and then add some metal control to the water.