HELP ME!! Never started a pool before

  • Last Post 24 August 2017
adunnson posted this 23 August 2017


I recently bought a house that came with an unmaintained above ground pool.

The pool is ovular about 21 feet long (Not sure if that is helpful...)

I cannot seem to figure out how to get the thing started.

Water was already in the pool past the skimmer. I pulled out the pump and filter out of the nearby shed and I think set them up properly.

I attached a tube from the skimmer to the pump/Hair trap, which is connected to the filter (Hayward Perflex Extended-Cycle D.E Filter). I then run a tube from the filter to the pool return.

I have set up the filter, pump, and hair catcher but when I start it up one of the tubes will burst off spraying water everywhere. Usually from the filter to the pool.

Is there some sort of block  preventing the water from going from the filter to the pool?


Secondly, the water has gotten disgusting. There is algae all over, mosquito larvae, and tadpoles abound. Any recommendations for clearing these out?


Finally, Could someone link to the best ways to close down the pool? All I have is a large tarp over the top of the pool which I don't think will be efficient.


I really appreciate any help I can get! 

InyoRob posted this 24 August 2017

Hello Adunnson - Congrats on the new house and pool. The issue with the hose popping off could be one of two things. There may be a gate valve on the return fitting of the pool wall. If the gate valve is closed, water can't enter the pool. The other issue might be that the hose is not properly secured to the return fitting. There is typically a metal saddle clamp around the hose that holds it firm to the fitting when tightened.

Check out our guide titled "How to Close an Above Ground Pool".