Finding Right High Efficiency Motor for Jandy PlusHP Pump

  • Last Post 01 May 2020
HoustonArchitect posted this 30 April 2020

I have a Jandy PHPM2.0 pump that seems to have a motor that has crapped out on me (capacitor has already been changed out and still nothing). If I'm going to have to replace the motor, I figure I might as well upgrade to something with higher efficiency if possible. Are there two-speed or variable speed motors that would be better than the straight replacement for the PHPM2.0?

Follow-up question, if this motor has crapped out, is it odd that it only lasted for 5 years? The date on the pump is 2015...

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InyoRob posted this 30 April 2020

You currently have an uprated 2HP single speed motor. The 2-speed motor option would be part number B2983. That is a full rated 1.5HP motor with a total HP rating of 2.21. Click Here to View the B2983 2-Speed Motor

The variable-speed motor would be model ECM27SQU. Click Here to View the ECM27SQU Motor

We recommend replacing the shaft seal when you replace the motor. There have been two seals used on that model. What is the serial number of your pump?

It is not odd. Most motors last 5-7 years. They can last longer if the shaft seal is replaced every couple of years.

HoustonArchitect posted this 30 April 2020

The Serial # is AH EH01 0300 1218 1720.


That makes me feel better about the motor. And I do know that I will need to replace the shaft seal as well as a couple other parts; I was betting on doing that. My current setup uses the Aqualink RS box to control the pump; is that system something that can be used for adequate control of a 2-speed or VS motor? I'd prefer not re-doing the electrical wiring if I can avoid it.

InyoRob posted this 30 April 2020

If you do not want to redo the electrical wiring, I recommend the VS motor. It will wire up the same way as the single speed.

The serial number looks different than most of the ones I've seen. The Jandy pump serial numbers typically look like P08FF0001. Do you see a number like that on the pump housing?

HoustonArchitect posted this 30 April 2020

So a bit more info: the motor itself is a Century Centurion (model # 193987). But that serial number I provided is definitely the serial number on the Jandy housing. I guess I also should ask the obvious question of which part I would need if I did want to do a one-for-one motor swap.


Regarding the wiring, are you saying that if I wanted to use the 2-speed pump, the Aqualink RS would not be able to control it and I would need to wire the power direct to the pump/motor? Or is the Aqualink RS still viable, but the wiring coming out of the panel would need to be different?

InyoRob posted this 30 April 2020

The Aqualink RS can control a 2-speed but you'd need to add a 2-speed pump relay.

My guess would be the newer style since the pump was installed in 2015. Part number 5020-087

HoustonArchitect posted this 30 April 2020

 OK, so just to be sure I have this correct:

  • No matter which motor I go with, I need to use Part number 5020-087 (shaft seal). Are there other ancillary parts I should package together with this shaft seal?
  • If I go with the VS motor or the straight replacement motor, there is no wiring changes to worry about.
  • If I go with the 2-speed motor, I need to also get the 2-speed pump relay.

InyoRob posted this 01 May 2020