2" Hi-Flow Multiport Valve w/ Plumbing for Triton


I purchased the above item for my Aquatech (Trintron) DE Filter.  I was able to bandaide the old valve that got me through until the Texas freeze which required me to change out all the PVC anf Valves.  The water Return and Waste are on opposite sides, no problem just som Plumbing modifications.  Pressure has been low and small amounts of DE in the pool.  Toolk the filter apart and all the DE is inside the Grids.  Check and the valve has the water going in backwash mode.  Water enters the filter through the return pipe and drains through the returns through the bottom.

I have ad the filter for 22 years and do not mind purchasing a new filter compatible with the above valve or if there is some adjustment I can make to the valve to have it operate properly.  

Any input will be helpful.