Century ECM27CU and AquaRite Chlorine Generator

  • Last Post 05 April 2018
Jimschoice posted this 05 April 2018

I recently purchased the ECM27CU from you and installed it on a Super Pump II in place of a 2 HP motor.  Your staff suggested I replace the impeller and diffuser when installing, which I did, along with adding the impeller ring, which was missing from my pump.  I installed all new seals as well.  Everything went smoothly, except for an air leak which i traced to a tiny crack in the strainer basket lid.  The pump runs fine and is very quiet now.   

After 3 days of testing it out, I went on to the next step to wire the AquaRite to the relay of the motor, as I don't want power on to the AquaRite all the time, since I read this could be dangerous.  The wiring was not difficult, and required only one additional wire to the motor from the junction box.  After doing this and setting up the time and minimum speed on the control panel, I set the pump to Run.  It primed for 2 minutes, then when it went to normal operation, it switched on the relay to the AquaRite, and then shut down with a fault "Hardware Overcurrent" and then it retries.  If I switch the AquaRite to "off", everthing powers on, and I can then switch the AquaRite to "on" a few seconds later.

Any ideas as to what could be the issue?

Would an addtional relay between the AquaRite and the motor relay help?  I know the AquaRite already has relays of its own that clunk when power is applied.

InyoRob posted this 05 April 2018

Hello Jim - I spoke to a couple of the engineers at Century. They said that the combination of the power to the motor and the amp draw from the Aquarite may be causing a voltage drop and this would result in high current at the motor. The solution would be what you suggested. Use a separate relay for the power to the Aquarite and the AUX load on the motor would only have the current required to activate the relay.