Capacitor needed

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Matthew7 posted this 21 April 2022

I have a Hayward 700 series pump. It's 2 yrs old.  Pump was running.  I shut it off and now it won't start.  It just hums.  I'm certain I need to replace the capacitors.  I have read all your guides and videos and all your charts show mfd, not UF.  I understand the silver is the run capacitor, but my start capacitor is white!  They both have to fit inside the top housing on the pump so dimensions are as follows

white Capacitor:  2-3/4"L x1-1/2" dia

silver capacitor; approx 4" long x 1-3/4 dia


Images are attaches

InyoRich posted this 21 April 2022

Hi Matthew, the voltage ratings on those capacitors are higher than anything we carry, and, generally, you can't replace a capacitor with a lower voltage-rated capacitor without dramatically reducing its lifespan.  I would recommend scouring the internet for new capacitors.  Note that uF and MFD both mean the same thing (microfarad).  

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