Can the pool light be fixed?

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Abe123 posted this 17 September 2019

The glass cover and the bolb ended up broken... What I have left is a housing under water.  The question is if the exposure to the water renders the housing useless due to corrosion or if there is a chance that the system is opperational and I only need new glass cover with a guskett and the bolb?



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InyoRob posted this 17 September 2019

It's possible the light is repairable. You can test the light to see if it still works. Pull the light up on the deck and let it dry out. Put a new bulb inside and turn on the power for a second or two. If it lights up, replace the gasket and lens. If it doesn't light up, replace the fixture.

Abe123 posted this 18 September 2019

Thank you!  Will give it a try.  This is an old anthony and sylvain pool - do you think you may have the lense and the gusket?  What dementions are needed to know for sure?


InyoRob posted this 18 September 2019

You can measure the metal face ring. If it's approximately 10", the following parts will work.

Lens - Part Number 3525-01A

Gasket - Part Number 3510-06

Abe123 posted this 18 September 2019

 Rob - you are the man!  Many thanks.


InyoRob posted this 18 September 2019

You're welcome. Thank you for visiting!

Abe123 posted this 20 September 2019

Hi - took the case out of the pool, dried, cleaned.  Does not work and the problem makes no sence.  I have identified the trip box, the switch - both contorl power flowing out through a tube going to the ground.  But the power does not reach the light end.  It is not a 'short' as the box does not trip.  Makes no sense!  Any suggestion would be tremendously appreaciated.