Can't keep chlorine in pool

  • Last Post 09 June 2017
John267721 posted this 09 June 2017

Please help I have added chlorine and shocked my pool over and over and every time I do within 2 days my ph balance and chlorine levels are almost nonexistent. Please help me figure out what to do to stabilize my pool. It is a 27' about 28000 gallon above ground pool. Thank u

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John267721 posted this 09 June 2017

please help!!!


pumprnickelbred posted this 09 June 2017

Hi John, 

The first step to successfully balancing your water chemistry is having a good test kit. Are you using test strips or liquid reagents? I would recommend investing in something like this talyor test kit which is going to allow you to take accurate readings of your chemical levels.

If possible, please post your chemical levels here so we can have a better understanding of what's going on. Also, how are you currently chlorinating your water? Liquid chlorine? Tablets? Salt Chlorine Generator? 

I would also suggest checking out this blog post from Inyo on the basics of balancing your pool water chemistry: