automatic pool cover snag

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emosterd posted this 19 June 2016


We bought our current home a year and a half ago, and it came with a pool.  We're learning the ins and outs of pool maintenance--I have even replaced the pump motor, thanks to INYOpools--but we're having a problem that has me stuck--like our pool cover.

We have an automatic pool cover, which is great, as we have small children.  It worked all last year, and part of this year, but is now getting stuck when closing--opening works fine.  As you can see in the pictures below, it's getting bound up on the left side/cover motor side.  It's like taking a nylon rope with a core, and pulling that core, while holding the outer sheathing; it gets bunched up and stuck from going any further into the track guides:

What we end up having to do is have one person turn on the motor for a second, feed the cover into the guides, and then go down to the other end of the pool and pull it tight, so that it is balanced with the other side:

It's a bit of a pain as it takes a half hour to close along with a lot of tugging and pulling.  Any idea what is going on here?  I believe that the cover is original, so it's around 20 years old, but we're hoping to get a few more years out of it.



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Service posted this 20 June 2016

Hi Eric,

The most common part that goes bad in these automatic covers is the rope, does it appear that your rope needs replacing? Pretty much all of the manufacturers of these systems recommend having and authorized service center come up to repair / service the systems. However, I have heard of a few customers who got fed up with constantly having the service company come out to service the system so they tackled the repair themselves.

I looks like you have a CoverStar Pool Cover and I would suggest contacting the manufacturer through the CoverStar Website they should be able to let you know exactly what's going on as well as schedule service or let you know what parts you need to order.

I hope this helps and please check back in to let us know how things went.

Thank You


Thank You


ondonal posted this 15 April 2023