Where Did My Water Go on Overfill

  • Last Post 06 December 2018
IndyJones72 posted this 05 December 2018

First time poster. Accidentally left hose on the other night. Water was only down about 1-2 hours worth of filling time. After 10 hours I went out to turn off the hose and to my surprise it was not overflowing. 

I do not have an overflow valve and I couldn’t spot water anywhere in excess in my yard, around the pump etc. 

so where did it all go?

InyoRob posted this 06 December 2018

Thank you for contacting Inyo. Do you have a small drain in one of your tiles? If so, you may have a pool discharge line that allows water to drain.

Hayward 2 X 4 Gutter Drain Assembly - SP1019