When to shock my pool

  • Last Post 04 June 2021
Butch45a posted this 04 June 2021

My pool is very clear and chemicals are fine. When should I shock my pool?

JCMC70 posted this 04 June 2021

Hi Butch,

This probably goes against what everyone tells you, but as long as you are keeping your chemicals within the proper ranges, especially the free chlorine in proper relation to your CYA levels, the combined chlorine is 1 ppm or less and the water is clear, you don't need to shock your pool. 
The only time you need to shock or supercholorinate the pool is if the combined chlorine level rises above 1 ppm OR you notice alge begins to bloom or the water is cloudy (though that may be more of a function of TA / PH levels. 


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