What skimmer model do I have?

  • Last Post 11 April 2022
BobVila posted this 09 April 2022


Pool owner going on 2 years now and haven't had much luck with hiring pool service, so I'm taking over!  I'm learning a lot and recently discovered that I should have a Wier door on my skimmers and im not sure how they are plumbed.  I'm attaching a few pics and would like help please!  My skimmers (2 of them) have a single hole in the bottom and 2 other holes on the side.  The higher hole on the side is threaded.  I know the bottom center hole goes to my pump, but don't know about the others.  Pool was built in the late 90s.  Thanks in advance!

InyoRich posted this 11 April 2022

Hi Bob, we think you will find that pool maintenance is pretty easy and hope you enjoy taking care of your pool as enjoyable as swimming in it!  

Check out our guide on How To Identify A Pool Skimmer And Parts and let us know if you can find any part numbers on anything, as we would need more information to get you the Weir door that you need and maybe a skimmer basket (unless you removed it for the photo).