Verifying pump house model

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tjs27tjs27 posted this 15 October 2020

hi,  attached is two pix. One is my bearing-failed Century HST150(I have new bearings in my cart), but the other pix is of my pump housing.  It only has the tag on it.  I believe it to be quite old, and I can't find a match for it for this pump.

I installed new pump (this one) last year, but did not replace shaft gasket, hence a leak and the salt water ate it up.  Motor moves water fine, but now loud whine, which has not run very long after this, so I am planning on replacing bearings and gaskets only.  Can you decipher the pump house model #??  and which salt kit gasket to use?  TIA  Tedd     p.s. -the pump house has the square see-through top with four swing away screw locks.....

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tjs27tjs27 posted this 15 October 2020

And if so, would a PS-4280 fit this motor?

InyoRob posted this 16 October 2020

We'd be glad to assist you. Could you post a picture of the complete pump housing?

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tjs27tjs27 posted this 17 October 2020

Here is house pix, however, i took apart my pump, and front bearing is shot...and it looks like pump is toast...

Should I just get a new pump with a salt water shaft seal kit??


tjs27tjs27 posted this 17 October 2020

tjs27tjs27 posted this 17 October 2020

I've already ordered the bearings(which i wont need for a new motor) and also ordered gokit3salt gasket kit...

I will order a new ust1152 motor today, but can you verify if the gokit3salt is correct for this? 


Thanks a bunch!!!!!  Tedd.

InyoRob posted this 19 October 2020

Your pump looks more like the WMC AT Series model. However, that pump can use the same seals from the Super Pump. GOKIT3SALT would be the correct kit.