Variable speed replacement

  • Last Post 06 February 2017
lozfampool posted this 04 February 2017

Good Morning

I am considering replacing a pentair 2 h.p WFE8 with hopefully a much more energy efficiant pump.

Any suggestions?? I also have a solar rooftop system and this pump at times is not up to the task of pumping enough along with the little waterfall from the spa.Sorry, im a novice but reading up lately, and i would like to do this myself..

InyoRob posted this 06 February 2017

Hello LozFamPool - We'd be glad to assist you. The Pentair Intelliflo model 011018 would be a good option. This is a variable speed 3HP pump. This will be more energy efficient than your current pump and it will also provide more flow because of the higher HP.

We have a less expensive alternative. It's the PureLine model PL2606. It's a 2.7HP variable speed pump. This model would be just slightly stronger than your current model. Your current pump is a full rated 2HP with a service factor of 1.3. This means the total HP of your current pump is 2.6.