Upgrade to Variable Pump

  • Last Post 19 April 2018
BClinard posted this 18 April 2018

I have a GoldLine/Hayward AquaLogic as you have on your website, the 2807-05 and was interested in upgrading to a Variable speed pump.

Wanted to ask if there's a relatively plug in upgrade I can make myself that you would recommend?


thx, Bryan

InyoRob posted this 19 April 2018

The AquaLogic and E-Command controls with software revision 2.65 and higher will control the following models via direct (data) communication:  

EcoStar # SP3400VSP
EcoStar # SP3400VSPVR
TriStar VS # SP3202VSP
TriStar VS 900 # SP32900VSP
TriStar VS # SP3202VSPND
TriStar VS # SP3200VSPND
SuperPump VS # SP2603VSP
MaxFlo VS model # SP2303VSP  

It is also possible for AquaLogic and E-Command controls to control the following models via relay control (not direct, data communications):  

TriStar # SP3200VSP

SuperPump VS # SP2602VSP
MaxFlo # SP2302VSP