Top Rails Needed

  • Last Post 27 April 2021
Bzak1975 posted this 19 April 2021

I have an older Eclipse pool. It is a 24' diameter by 52" pool. The top rails are rusting and need to be replaced. I found what I thought were the correct replacement rails (Wilbar part #15438), but they are not. I am hoping someone here knows what I need. Pics attached.




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InyoRob posted this 20 April 2021

According to the schematic we have, part number 15438 should be the correct top rail. What is the length of your original top rail and what is the length of the new top rail?

Bzak1975 posted this 26 April 2021

I don't have the length off hand. But if you look, they are two completely different top rails. The one on top is what we purchased (#15438). The screw holes don't line up, the length is about right but rhw ends are not cut right and the caps won't work with this top rail. The caps are flat and set on top of the 2 small ridges shown on the old rail. 

InyoRob posted this 27 April 2021

Can you post a picture of your top cap and top plate?