Top/Bottom Plates for an older Doughboy 18' round

  • Last Post 26 May 2021
magulko posted this 23 May 2021

I am trying to find some replacement bottom/top plates for a 18'x48", 4" wide support Dougboy pool.   My local dougboy retailer is taking forever to get me an answer if I can even get parts.    The pool is from the late 1990's into the early 2000's.  I do not have any paper work showing the model or actual year.  the rest of the pool is in excelent condition.   I have 2 brackets missing one of the vertical support tabs, and a number that are starting to show some rust.  Thanks for any input/help.

Service posted this 26 May 2021

I'm sorry we do not carry parts for Doughboy, trust me we have tried but they will only sell through there local dealers. I would suggest checking out this website here for Doughboy Parts

Thank You