Temporary way to chlorinate

  • Last Post 23 July 2022
marigold posted this 23 July 2022

Hello... so my system is not working at the moment and so I've been using a robotic cleaner and the hand held vacuum to keep it as clean as possible until something can be done with the system. 

We have a fiberglass saltwater pool and since the salt isn't cycling through the cell without the pump, is there a safe way to deliver chlorine without harming the fiberglass?

JCMC70 posted this 23 July 2022

Hello marigold,

The easiest way would be to slowly pour liquid chlorine around the perimeter of the pool while someone follows behind you with a pool brush attached to the pool pole and brushes the fiberglass from the wall down and across the bottom of the pool. This will protect from having chlorine settle on the bottom of the pool and it will disburse the chlorine throughout the water.

You can do this with chlorine granules like Cal-hypo also but you need to be sure that the granules are complete dissolved in a bucket of water before you pour into the pool. Otherwise you run the risk of chlorine granules settling on the fiberglass and bleaching it.

Just be sure to thoroughly brush the walls and bottom of the pool (especially if you use granular chlorine).