Wrinkles in Pool Liner

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Tedder posted this 12 April 2021

We replaced our liner 5 years ago and now we have quite a wrinkle problem with it. We had the company that sold us the liner come in to look at it and they have told us that it's a chemical problem that has caused the wrinkles. We had had the previous liner for 16 years with just a slight hint of wrinkles at the end of its life as well as a few leaks which is why we replaced it and I suppose it was time. However, we didn't change anything chemically that we'd been doing for the previous 16 years. Is there any thing we can do to help the situation without having to replace the liner so soon? If you folks or any of your forum can offer any suggestions it will be most appreciated.

 Many thanks.

Ted Wark


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InyoRob posted this 13 April 2021

Good luck! Keep us posted.

Tedder posted this 13 April 2021

Thanks for the reply. Our liner as I said is only 5 years oldso I shouldn't have a problem with brittleness.

InyoRob posted this 12 April 2021

Water chemistry, like low pH, can cause wrinkles over time. Other causes could be excessive water underneath the pool. A high water table could be the culprit.

We have heard of pool owners using a plunger to help remove small wrinkles. Gently push the plunger down next to a wrinkle and gently pull it up and in the direction that will flatten the wrinkle.

Larger wrinkles may require you to drain the pool down to 2-4 inches of water. Then you can pull the liner towards the wall of the pool. Then you would refill the pool.

There is a risk to the liner splitting when it is drained. Older liners can shrink rapidly and become brittle when water is drained. If you attempt to drain the pool, do it on a warm day (75˚+). That way the vinyl can soften up while it is being drained.

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