Hello Everyone!

I just bought a new Hayward S210T sand filter and I have got it all set up. When I did a backwash and rinse, I noticed two stubborn leaks that I cannot seem to fix. I used PTFE tape on the fittings on both ends (to the multi-port valve on the filter and on the ends that connect to the unions on my hoses).

Despite this, I have two stubborn leaks that won't stop. I have re-tightened the fittings, re-tightened the gear clamps, and rewound the PTFE tape. Still no dice!

One leak is located where the water return hose meets the union (the part that turns to screw onto the fitting in the multi-port valve). I am pretty sure the leak is not coming from the fitting attached to the multi-port valve. I even added a second gear clamp, but still nothing. I have not used silicone sealant to connect the union to the hose because I thought the gear clamps would be enough (Should I use silicone sealant to attach unions to pool hoses?).

The second leak is coming from the fitting that joins the front port of the pump to the hose coming out of the skimmer. I cannot loosen this part to reapply PTFE tape as it has become stuck (I think from the silicone sealant I had put in there last year).

I'd really like to get rolling on opening up my pool, but I feel like I should get these leaks sorted before I move on. I have added a picture and a link to a video (with close-ups of the leaks).

Thanks for any advice you can provide. I am still a bit of a newbie at this.
Here is the link: video-1589669441.mp4
The photo is below.