Sta-Rite Pump Issue - Priming problem

  • Last Post 18 May 2023
BrianP321 posted this 18 May 2023

My Sta-Rite 1-1/2 HP pump won't stay primed.   I opened pool up on Sunday (de-winterize) and everything worked great.  Schedule set to turn on every day 5am-noon.  Tuesday pump wouldn't engage water, so I added water via hose and it worked.  Wednesday am, the pump worked great and water flowing thru system to pool jets.  This morning, same issue, pump running w/o priming?   I checked for any leaks and none to be concerned, other than filter has some small dripping.  Any ideas on what I should try next?

InyoRich posted this 18 May 2023

Hi Brian, we are sorry to hear about that.  The bottom line is that there is a leak somewhere that is letting in enough air (overnight) to lose your pump's prime.

Fix the leak you see and check your check valves or diverter valves to be sure they are flowing (or stopping flow properly when everything is off), and also check your skimmer to make sure it isn't sucking in any air.  Also, check our guide on How to Test for Suction Side Air Leaks for some great tips, and let us know what you find.