“Soapy” & cloudy but blue

  • Last Post 09 July 2020
Franalynn posted this 03 July 2020

Used PoolRx last year & it was wonderful! Used it again this year (just opened the pool about 10 days ago) & even though it went from green to blue, it now looks "soapy". Have backflushed/rinsed several times & have an automatic vacuum running (Dolphin...which is also fabulous). How to get rid of the soapy/cloudy. Pool is 17,000 gal & I have a Triton sand filter.

DSJ25H2O posted this 09 July 2020

I am having a similiar issue my water is cloudy and have nothing for a chlorine reading. I have been constantly vaccuming with little to no results. It is a saltwater pool so I am resisting shocking it but I don't know what else to do.


Please help