We have an inground pool and previously owned a Dolphin pool cleaner that had a large canvas bag.  The cleaner worked wonderfully for years but had seen it's day last summer.  We purchased an Active 30 Dolphin cleaner but this doesn't have the large canvas bag but rather two different filters.  One is for the large debris and the other is for the smaller debris & fine particles.  I have cleaned the pool three days in a row when the filter is off.  We run our filter during the night.  Each morning I wakeup to silt in the pool in the corners so it doesn't appear that the cleaner is picking up the finer particles & once the filter is running it disperses these particles into the corners of our deep end and along the sides.  Our original Dolphin only had to be used once ever 7-9 days but the Active 30 is not as efficient & more time consuming.

Is there another filter of canvas type material such as our original Dolphin that can be purchased for this machine?  Or are there any suggestions how to alleviate the issues we're having?