• Last Post 12 August 2016
Giulio posted this 12 August 2016

In 2010 we bough 3 led pool light by SAVI from you and we have been extremely happy. One started to flicker and we will need to replace it or change the bulbs should this is possible. We are in Vieques PR and only USPS ships here with punctuality. Last year we have changed a pool valve thanks to you. We called anyone and no one knew what we were talking abut. May we get your support again to fix or buy the new light ? We are not sure about the model but we do have the original manuals and can take pictures.

InyoRob posted this 12 August 2016

Hello Giulio - You had previously ordered the Savi PL12100 lights. Unfortunately those lights have been discontinued and Savi does not have a suitable replacement. We may have another brand that will fit in the same niche but the new light will not sync with the older Savi lights. What is the inside diameter of the niche for the current Savi lights?