Salt water

  • Last Post 17 May 2019
Transam1979 posted this 16 May 2019

Do you really need to add salt to pool water??  Couldn't you have a sslt feeder that would go right into the generator  and basically  do the same thing?   Simular  to chlorine  feeder

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InyoRob posted this 16 May 2019

Salt doesn't need to be added to the pool very often. Salt doesn't evaporate so the only time it's lost is when water is drained from the pool. The demand for an automatic salt feeder hasn't been there. For this reason, we don't carry an automatic salt feeder. 

Transam1979 posted this 17 May 2019

I guess I asked my question wrong..  what I am wondering  is the difference  between havING a pool with the proper  levels in.    Or.  Just having on with no salt  and adding  into it  with a on demand  device  that goes right into the salt generator  cell.    Saving intial money up front  and possibly  overall.  Not all of the salt that one would put into a pool would be Ie. Chlorine. But in a demand  setup 80 90 percent  would be. Producing higher amount on chlorine.         What reason would this Not work??     Thinking about some kind of in line leaf or debris  catcher  and just add salt into basket. Etc. ( since they do make salt in the 3 in pucks just like chlorine  tabs)  when puck is dissolveed. Just add another. ..  less salt much more chlorine  production  in thinking.   Any throughts???

InyoRob posted this 17 May 2019

There are minimum salt levels in order for the salt system to generate chlorine. The level is usually in the 3000-4000ppm range. This has to be established in order for the system to work. If it detects a lower level, the salt cell will not turn on. 

I haven't seen a set up like you are describing.