Salt System not producing chlorine

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1975bobbyr posted this 06 July 2017

I've replaced my Jandy Aquapure Salt cell, APUREM Chlorine Generator back board, the tri sensor, and every cable, and I still have 0 chlorine being produced.  I keep getting the 145 error (salinity is too high / H.H), so the salt cell won't turn on.  I've tested my water at 2 different pool stores and my salt level is perfect (not high and not low).  I've also tested the voltage on the cell (both new cell and old) and they are good, so I wasted money there.  What else could cause this issue?  Water temp is reading perfect, and Flow comes on.  The cell will go into reverse, but it never turns "on."

I've also calibrated the salinity level, and turned on "boost," but neither have worked to get the system to produce chlorine.  I've also made sure that the system is completely turned off at the circuit breaker box when doing anything to it (I read that the system needs a complete reboot after replacing parts).  


Service posted this 06 July 2017

Hi 1975bobbyr,

I have the same system and have received the same errror you received and I ended up replacing the tri-sensor, salt cell and pcb and that fixed my issue (all of the same things you tried). I would suggest contacting Jandy and they should be able to help troubleshoot. Here is Jandy's contact information

Thank You


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