I currently have a Harris H1572748 1.5 HP (FR:48Y SF:1.0, wired 110V ) pool pump which was a cheap replacement pump from Amazon. I am now on my 4th pump in less than 5 years, always the same model (yes, I know that's crazy). The performance of these pumps is great at first but they are ultimately a ticking time bomb. The most recent pump let out the puff of magic smoke one morning while kicking on, while the rest suffered from shaft seal/bearing failures.

My question is, would it be feasible to pay some extra money for a quality replacement motor like UQC1152 which outrates the current pump in both Service Factor and Ambient Temp rating (I'm in Central Florida)? The actual pump housing and components are surprisingly rock-solid. I'd of course have to find the correct shaft seal as well. 

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