Replacement Motor

  • Last Post 08 June 2021
Notsurewhattoput posted this 06 June 2021

Hello.  I am trying to replace the motor on my Whisperflo WF-4 pump.  The orginal motor is badly rusted and corroded.  I have 2 bolts attached to the seal plate that will not come off and I have another part that the electrical wire runs through to go into the motor that will also not come off.  First question is other than something like WD-40 which I have already tried do you know of anything that will unstick these 3 things?  If not, then I would need to get a new seal plate (which I know you sell) but I would also need that electrical connector and I cannot find the replacement part anywhere.  It screws in to the back of the motor near where the electrical connections are and the electric wire sheath has a screw in cap that then connects the sheath to this piece that seals everything up.  Any idea what that's called or where I can find it?



Service posted this 08 June 2021

Hi TJ,

Are you needing something like this here? If so let us know and we can supply you the link to purchase.

Thank You