Replace rotted top rails for above ground pool

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jimdiecks posted this 01 June 2020


I have a 18'x33'x52" Vogue Majestic oval salt water pool that was installed by the previous homeowner back in 2007. The metail rails that sit under the top caps/rails are rotting and pieces of it are falling into the pool.

The top cap part numbers (white, two piece caps in picture) are 23140B and 23100A. I couldn't find any part number on the metal wide rails that the top caps sit on. Those wider rails seem to be in decent shape. It's the thinner rails that are rotting and pieces of it are falling into the pool.

Are you able help me identify what the part number would be for a suitable replacement rail for the rotted pieces?

I'd also be interested in part numbers for suitabel replacement of the rest of that whole top rail assembly: the thicker rails (darker gray) and white top caps. The gray and white are colors from me painting them last year because they were looking worn and ratty.



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Dan55678 posted this 25 April 2021

I have this same problem and sent you a message.